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What would Basili do?

Who's Basili? He's a curmudgeonly, talking, Sardinian wall lizard. He's the Guardian of The Book, a magical tome given to Thea upon her Giaja's, (her grandma) untimely death. Along with Thea's familiar, he guides her in the use of her newfound magical powers, seasoning his insights with insults. Here are some of Basili's rules for navigating the mundane as well as magical worlds.

  • Do not tempt fate or a cat by waving your tail in its face

  • When encountering danger do not shrink from it, unless it begins to pursue you

  • Expel fire from your snout only when strictly necessary as it is an exhausting practice

  • Do not burn your host's pyjamas, even in defence of said host's room

  • When traveling by airplane, hide in a good book rather than share a crate with a hungry cat

  • Each day offers opportunities for practicing steadfastness and courage; it too, is exhausting

  • Keep an eye on young ones learning magic; they attract trouble as crumbs attract mice

  • Recite your proteziones regularly, quietly but with fervour; others will see you muttering and avoid you

  • Know whose mirror you peer into

  • Keep your friends close, and your enemies within spitting distance

Jade, Thea's green-eyed familiar may have a thing or two to say about Basili's mention of her. She fervently denies eating Basili's tail. She admits she may have licked, even bitten it on occasion, but it grew back.

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